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Here you'll find all of my favourite things: in business, personal finance, and pleasure!


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My favourite tools & Resources


Grab my everyday faves


for my fellow book lovers

Looking for a book I mentioned?

I've compiled a full list of the books I mention on my social accounts, emails, or speaking gigs! 

For Canadians, all are linked through Indigo. And for my US & international pals, will connect you with local bookstores online so your purchase makes a difference! 


Financial education is more valuable than money.

Get comfy with your cash

Control your everyday spending

Manage your monthly spending with this free card! 'MALLORYROWAN' for $20 cash back if you make a purchase in 30 days.

Earn interest on your savings

Your savings need to be in a High Interest Savings Account so it's making money for you. I use EQ Bank for mine! Canada only.

Keep a pulse on your credit score

Got 3 minutes? Get your credit report and credit score for free. No credit card, SIN number or bank account required.

Start investing without stress

Want to invest but super intimidated? Wealthsimple customizes your investment experience to make it easy to get started.

Negotiate better student loans

Juno is a student first initiative that uses group buying power to negotiate student loans. Join 75,000+ members.

Earn cash on your online purchases

Get cash back for the brands you're shopping anyway! Just go through this link and get a kickback every time you shop.

Earn cash back by shopping local

Move on from traditional financial institutions and get the benefits of 7,000 partners with the Neo Card™.

Earn interest on your savings

I don't personally use Neo Money™, but they definitely have one of Canada's highest interest rates for your savings.

Affordable term life insurance

Dealing with life insurance is never an exciting to-do list task, but PolicyMe keeps it straight forward, and fast.

Protect your hard-earned assets

Create your will in less than 20 mins, and make any additional edits FOR FREE. This is how I made my will!

Simplifying home financing

nesto provides quick & affordable mortgages by commission-free experts and puts 1% cashback on your mortgage value back into your pockets!

Our own mortgage broker

Mat works with you transparently and always delivers! We trusted him with our own home and continue to with Josh’s clients.


for business owners & solopreneurs

Get Your Sheet Together

This mini course takes you through exactly how I project my revenue for the year, plan my projects based on my energy, and keep track of all the money coming in and out of my business.

AND you get the monster spreadsheet I use to do it all!

featured product

Level up your business

Register your business with ease

Need to get your business set up in Canada? Ownr will help you go from idea to legal entity and all the steps in between.

Manage your business accounting

This is the accounting software I use to manage my business finances and keep a pulse on everything. Hello reports!

Centralize your client management

An all-in-one client management software: send proposals & contracts, invoice clients, and centralize messaging.

Send stunning emails, affordably

Intimidated by email platforms? Flodesk is super easy to use, gorgeous layouts, and emphasis on affordable! Just $19 USD/mo.

Step up your email marketing

ConvertKit is an email platform designed specifically for online creators. The feature capabilities are exactly what I need.

Design stronger emails in seconds

Bee allows you to create emails + landing pages without changing email providers. No code required + a free plan option.

Build your first online course

Want to create an online course? This is what I use for my digital product offers like Sell on Social & Get Your Sheet Together.

Create custom checkout pages

Thrivecart is my go to when I am creating checkout pages! Its easy to use to promote and take payments for your products!

Make landing pages that convert

Leadpages is a simple drag-and-drop landing page builder proven to convert and grow your business.

Make graphics like a real designer

No graphic designer? No problem! Canva allows you to create on-brand graphics like you see on my platforms!

Increase conversions by adding urgency

Deadline Funnel makes it easy to increase conversions and generate more sales with authentic evergreen marketing.

Host professional meetings & classes

Host live or evergreen webinars to collect emails, engage your audience, and convert leads into buyers. 

Get your tasks organized

Todoist is my number one recommendation to get your biz and your life organized. And it's got a free version!

Snag affordable, legal contracts

Need lawyer-approved contract templates designed specifically for Canadian or American business owners? Contracts Market.

Making social media marketing easy

Schedule posts, get link in bio analytics to level up your socials like never before. Select from free to affordable plans!

Ready to grow? Try these programs

Break into the billion-dollar education industry with Gemma Bonham-Caters Course Creator School: The complete program to create, launch, market, and sell a digital course. 

This course is a complete, step-by-step program that will show you how to launch and build your successful online course business.

Build Your First Course

Have you been wanting to share your voice and message other in an effective way?

Mel and Steph, The Millennial Woman, have created a step-by-step guide that takes you from creating, planning, and recording to launching, promoting, and monetizing your very own podcast in only 5 weeks!

Launch Your Podcast

Building Allyship is a membership space designed for committed humans on the quest to become effective allies for BIPOC in the health and fitness communities.

This community will provide you a framework to continue on your journey to allyship and accountability to see real changes in yourself and the communities you serve.

Be an active ally

Litchfield Media offers a fresh new way to bring in leads!

These unique methods, systems, and techniques will turn Facebook ads into your new favourite way to market your offers and make more sales. If you’re gonna spend the money to run Facebook ads, then those ads better be GOOD y’all!

Convert Your Leads

Setting up your side hustle for Success with HerFirst100K! Why take the stairs, when she's built you an escalator?

Whether you are looking to fast-track your way to financial freedom, foster creativity, learn a new skill, or experience some major interpersonal growth, starting a side-hustle is one of the hardest, most rewarding things you will ever do!

Find your biz idea

Whether you’re an in-person or online business, you want to help your community feel welcomed, supported and included, but you might not have all of the knowledge or resources to do that. 

Jenny Jay has created a powerful, two-part workshop that shares all of the tools you need to foster socially conscious and accessible spaces for everyone. I’ve personally taken this workshop, and enjoyed every minute of it. The takeaways have truly helped me in my day-to-day business, as well as my long-term mission. 

Creating Inclusive Communities

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