I built a global, six-figure business and it almost killed me.

Now I help others build without burnout.

Hey there!

I am a serial entrepreneur, real estate investor, content creator, and in my humble opinion...all around good time.

I founded my first business at the age of 22 with my brand new boyfriend at the time (hey babe!), and more than 7 years later we've built 3 businesses together:
  1. a global powerlifting apparel company built to help athletes give back, 
  2. a marketing education platform & business coaching business (hi, you're here!), and 
  3. a real estate team known for having the #1 social media realtor in Ottawa.

I'm passionate about marketing, breaking down the glorified 24/7 hustle culture around entrepreneurship, and personal finance.

Hey, I'm Mallory!

But you can call me Mal.

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I started losing my hair, getting unexplainable rashes all over me, and I didn't even notice I had pneumonia until a doctor heard me trying to catch a breath.
I took the opportunity to refocus on what mattered to me and shift my business to feel more aligned. By age 27 I'd built three six-figure businesses.

Now I help entrepreneurs skip the burnout entirely, work less but actually start earning more (insane, I know), and do it on their OWN terms.

When I was 22 I built a global, multi-six figure e-commerce business on a student budget. We were scaling incredibly fast but then it happened: I burned out. 

why i am here

My Story

At a young age, I knew I was different. I always had friends, but I never felt quite like I fit in. I had different interests...different dreams.

Growing up as the youngest of three girls, I wanted to do everything my sisters did...and then some. This meant falling in love with dance at an early age, and the reason I'm as organized and disciplined as I am.

I spent most of my early years in competitive dance at a studio, and then fell in love with the world of hip hop. I joined three crews, and left the studio behind. It exposed me to new communities, cultures, and opportunities.

When the time came to apply to university, I chose Carleton's Journalism program. Partially because I didn't have the money to leave my city, but it was calling my name.

I always knew I was different...

I worked in high-tech marketing for the first years of university, working in everything from oil & gas to satellite communications and consumer analysis.

Knowing I loved business but wasn't build for the traditional office, I took an unpaid internship at a local startup. I quickly became the entire marketing team (and even a bit of HR), and loved the excitement of building something with a team.  

But the sparkle of the startup world started to fade out for me when I realized I was still building for someone else to win. I loved tech, but was ready for a change and moved to a marketing agency. It was so fulfilling to help our clients, and I loved the ability to play in so many different industries. But then something happened...

I knew I was serious about being in the world of business early. I opted for an office job as soon as I hit university and quickly discovered two things:

I loved business. I hated cubicle life.

Then I built my first business.

LVD Fitness was born out of a class project.

Powerlifting was growing exponentially at the time, and as powerlifters ourselves, Josh and I felt a hole in the market:

The stereotypical powerlifter was changing, and there was nothing to represent us, a new generation of lifters who loved a minimalist look and cared about their social impact.

We took it into our own hands and created a powerlifting lifestyle brand designed to help athletes give back. For every item sold, we provided one month of clean water to someone in a developing country. 

The business grew quickly to a multi-six figure machine. The more we played, the more it paid off. We had the top powerlifting athletes onboard and quickly became a staple in the powerlifting community.

LVD Fitness became synonymous with powerlifting.

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"When life doesn't go according to plan, know it's going according to plan."

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It was hard to see the signs until your body is screaming at you.

After going into overdrive with powerlifting, running LVD, & working full-time, it caught up with me. I had unexplainable rashes, I couldn't stop bloating, and I was even losing my hair. 

It got so bad I didn't notice I had pneumonia until my doctor heard me struggling to breathe. I took a step back and took two years to work on getting my health "back".

In the process, I realized my business no longer aligned.

The burnout hit hard.

Now I help entrepreneurs build without the burnout

I found myself consulting again and focusing on my first love: marketing.

Marketing was ultimately why LVD Fitness grew to the size it did, and I realized there were so many amazing businesses around me that weren't seeing the results they deserved because their brand & marketing strategy was weak.

I dove into helping others give their brands a real voice, and helping other business owners break past their revenue goals, get a handle on their business, and get out of the burnout cycle.​

Now through coaching and courses, I help entrepreneurs take back control of their business and build the life they want on their own terms.

“Mallory, your Instagram page has helped me more than you know. Thank you so much for just being here, holy sh*t. You are a blessing in so many ways.”


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