You're really good at what you do. Now let's fill in your gaps.

It's time to make some changes.

You know how to get things done. That's why you're standing exactly where you are today.

But you're also self-aware enough to know it's going to take some changes to take it to the next level.

Right now you probably need two things:
1. A verified game plan
2. Some real accountability​

You need someone who's going to challenge your ideas, push you to step up, and call you on your bullshit.

“"I could not have imagined the value I received stepping into this. She provides you with strategies and tools that you need, but she is there to hold space for you to guide yourself into what you really want to create. She is the rocket fuel for the ideas you have.”


Client love

Let's get this straight...

I'm not going to come in and sign you up for every single social media platform and tell you to "post everyday!"

It's exhausting to even think about.

I'd much rather figure out what's going to get you the best results and cut out the rest.

I dig into your business, poke at the holes, and build you a bulletproof brand. I'm here to ask you the tough questions, challenge the status quo, and get you operating on a whole new level.

That stuff you've been avoiding? That's what I love.


1:1 Private Coaching


My favourite thing is to get my hands inside of your business and see how we can make your life easier, while making you more money. 

Together, we work hand-in-hand to tackle a variety of issues that you're facing like:
Narrowing in on exactly how you need your business to serve you in the long term and making that happen

Executing those missing pieces you've been avoiding for too long like implementing back-end systems, delegating, or restructuring

Expanding your online presence and redefining your brand to match the quality of work you provide

Creating new income streams that align with what you want out of your business; from ideation to launching, evaluating, & scaling

Here are just some of the things we can tackle together...

Together we'll figure out exactly what kind of social media will benefit your business without pushing you to exhaustion. You need a strategy reset: from figuring out the exact offer that will best serve you to nailing the marketing strategy that will keep the customers coming. We can build it together and tweak it as we go.

You'll also get access to my Sell on Social program for continued group coaching calls + additional resources for you and your team.

Feel like a fish out of water on social media and ready to get it right?


Create a Marketing strategy that converts

Let's create the systems you need to spend a little less time lost in the chaos and a little more time enjoying the fruits of your labour.

Take it from a recovering perfectionist, we can get you to a place where you're getting it all done in a way that meets your standards but causes way less chaos.

Can't get a minute to breathe because you're so deep in the day-to-day it hurts?


Rebuild a Foundation that Serves You

There's no point in building a business that doesn't make sense for future you. Whether it means scaling, pivoting, or restructuring your business, we get clear on what you're looking for and the best route to get there together.

On the flip side, Building a business is satisfying, but we can't just be building for 60-year-old us. We need to make sure we have the time and energy to live your life NOW, and do it on your own terms.

Lost yourself and not sure if you even want to run your business anymore? Or maybe no energy to do it?


Find Yourself Again & Redefine Your Purpose

“Mallory has this amazing ability to ground you and challenge you at the same time.”


Client love

We'll dive into some surprisingly challenging questions to better understand which direction we need to go. Once I get the full context for you, your business state, and your personal life plans, we create a game plan to fulfill that vision.

what to expect

Coaching Process

Consider me your second brain in your business, and the one keeping the strategy moving forward in the background. I'll make sure you stay on track even when life (and business) gets in the way of where you want to go.

Over the 6+ months we work together, you'll be given homework that varies from taking a night off to launching a new product. My job is to help you evaluate, improve, and refine your business strategy until it works for you.

You're fantastic at what you do but your head's about ready to explode with managing the business side of things 

You want a healthy relationship with your business and you're looking for a way to scale without losing yourself in the process

You're open to going on a ride and understand this transition will take time, work and a willingness to do things differently (ahem, and let go of control a bit)

Do any of these sound familiar?

Let's see if you're in the right place...

Instagram has been my not-so-secret weapon since 2015 when I launched my first business.

We built a globally-recognized powerlifting apparel brand on a student budget by leveraging Instagram organically.

Since then, I've built two other multi-six figure businesses using those same strategies for digital products and services, and secured more than $100,000 in brand partnerships as a content creator.

If you want a sustainable, anti-cringe Instagram strategy...I'm your woman.

Hey, I'm Mallory!

But you can call me Mal.


“I got my first client thanks to the work I'm doing with Mal. First big sale and it's more than paid for any investment I've made with Mal. Also, my biggest sale ever! Couldn't have done it without her. Big win, so pumped!"”

Client love

"Can you help me though?"

Real estate agents & property stylists

Personal trainers, yoga instructors & nutritionists

Physical locations like restaurants & gyms

Bioenergetic practitioners & energy healers

Product & service-based businesses

In business 1-9+ years

Pivoting business online

Five to six figure income earners

Balancing complex personal context

Canada, US, & international clients

I'm going to be real with you: you're not the first person to experience these challenges.

The good news is that means I've likely helped someone else overcome exactly what you're facing, which means we can hit the ground running.

Here's a taste of some of the individuals I've worked with to date:

Meet Deepak.


Went from debt to home ownership in less than 6 months

Re-strategized his business & shifted to a 100% nomad lifestyle

Successfully launched two new businesses that align long-term

"Mallory has this amazing ability to ground you and challenge you at the same time."

Meet Brittany.


Pivoted after 6+ years doing it the same way 

Filling client roster in record timing, no more 7 day schedule

Successfully launched (& sold out) 2 online offers  

"I still can't believe I'm actually working less and making more than I did last year."

Meet Dr. J Pop

pediatric physiCAL therapist, nashville usa

Used Instagram to bring anti-racism back into her business identity

Built a $25K allyship membership launch using Instagram and email

Grew her email list 5x its original size by leveraging social media

"Mallory is a gem and learning from her has been so amazing. She really takes the time to help you find ways that make you comfortable selling while still challenging you and calling you on your own BS."

“Mal opened my eyes to a totally untapped strategy in my market, and now I get a lead with almost everything I post."”


Client love

Your questions, answered

My coaching programs are a six-month starting commitment that include either weekly 60 minute or biweekly 60 minute calls. We'll strategize together and work on implementing the changes you want to see in your business. 

Between calls, you'll have homework assignments that vary from "take a night off" or "let your team help you with x task" to things like "create that PDF we talked about". You'll also have emergency access to me for any issues that arise during our time together that need immediate assistance. Think of me as your righthand pal, a second brain in your business, and that other set of eyes when you need it.

You'll also get lifetime access to any and all programs I currently have or develop while we're working together. This includes Sell on Social which offers lifetime monthly group coaching calls as long as the programs running that cover topics like Pinterest strategy, Landing brand partnerships, Building your email list, and Avoiding burnout. 

You'll learn more about what's included on our discovery call! 
My coaching rates aren't available on my website, but my coaching is a $10,000+ commitment. You'll learn more about my rates and which option makes the most sense for you in our initial discovery call. 

You'll have the option to pay upfront or on a monthly plan over the six months we work together (or longer if you opt to continue past that). You can pay by e-transfer (in Canada) or credit card.
This doesn't totally surprise me! I keep limited information available online about my coaching as it's so unique on a case by case basis and I take a limited amount of clients. 

The best way to find out more information is to start by filling out this application form and booking a discovery call with me! This will help us both see if we want to move forward working together, and you'll be able to hear more about how my coaching works + ask any questions you may still have!

book a discovery call

I always thought I'd be a marketing executive at some tech company, but going into business for myself was the best thing I ever did. From building a globally-recognized powerlifting apparel company to a content marketing empire and a #1 social media real estate business, I've got all the secrets you need.

Build your six-figure business without wanting to throw it all away after

Let's get started!

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