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This year, I got really overwhelmed a few days into the new year. You know that feeling? I had an exciting planning session for my money goals, a really tactical planning session for Seyer Group, and then all of a sudden I felt a little lost when it came to my own business and my goals for this […]

why-im-not-setting-big- goals-for-this-year

It sounds crazy but it works. If you’re getting ghosted by potential clients after sales calls, feeling like everyone who wants to “think about it longer” or “talk it over with their partner” disappears off the face of the earth, you need to keep reading. But, how can you close big deals with the word […]


I have this theory: there are two types of salespeople and this is fundamentally why you hate sales. Let’s get right into the first one: the Mall Guy. The Mall Guy *insert immediate shutter* You know the feeling: you’re trying to get a quick errand done and all of a sudden you hear his voice, […]


One of the ways my first apparel business, LVD Fitness, became such a tight-knit community with loyal fans, was because of how intimate we were with our customers: We knew their names, their faces, and even what upcoming competitions they had. We always made sure it felt like a mutual relationship, in more ways than […]


Got a product that’s not selling or feeling a little uninspired to re-launch the same program again? If you want to pump some life into them again or maybe line your pockets with a little added revenue, I’ve got a few ways you can give them the attention they deserve and reach new customers without […]


Let’s cut to the chase: new feature rollouts can either be extremely exciting or a total eye roll. For most people, Instagram Reels have felt like the latter and the pressure to show up and start using them, frankly, SUCKS. But literally no one is saying showing up on Reels means you have to dance […]


I want to tell you about a little experiment I did back in November 2021 when I welcomed more than 5,000 people to my email list for the very first time. And it went really well. I put off that first email for weeks because I was putting so much pressure on getting it right. I knew […]

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Instagram has been my not-so-secret weapon since 2015 when I launched my first business.

We built a globally-recognized powerlifting apparel brand on a student budget by leveraging Instagram organically.

Since then, I've built two other multi-six figure businesses using those same strategies for digital products and services, and secured more than $100,000 in brand partnerships as a content creator.

If you want a sustainable, anti-cringe Instagram strategy...I'm your woman.

But you can call me Mal!

Hey, I'm Mallory!