Make your bio super clear so your ideal clients are an instant "HELL YA"

Build instant connection and make real-life sales from your social media efforts

Take control of your marketing and ditch your profile red flags

Start Growing & Attract the Right Audience


Feel like your customers aren't finding you on Instagram?

You get more bot comments than you do real-life humans....and it's starting to frustrate the sh*t out of you.

It's time to take matters into your own hands: no more blaming the algorithm, no more ghosting out of frustration.

Instagram Audit

It's time to find your people.

You don't need 10K followers to make $10K in sales

Let's settle this right now.

If you're feeling like you don't have the capacity to put in the work to grow from your 500 followers to 50,000...You don't need to.

By showing up as yourself and using specific (& efficient!) strategies, you can convert your existing audience into customers and start attracting new faces that LOVE what you offer.

I want you to LOVE social media. Not because it's fun or you get some surface-level likes, but because it's a lead generation MACHINE for your business.

Optimize your username to create a better brand experience from the start

Get to the top of searches and convert higher in DMs with your new name bar

Create a profile photo that's memorable and keeps them coming back for more

Write the perfect pitch that lands you the perfect customers and partnerships

Build off your social community and funnel your audience effectively so they become loyal pals

Make sure your feed content supports your brand and validates you are worth the follow

In this 100% free guide, I'm going to walk you through how to:

Instagram has been my not-so-secret weapon since 2015 when I launched my first business.

We built a globally-recognized powerlifting apparel brand on a student budget by leveraging Instagram organically.

Since then, I've built two other multi-six figure businesses using those same strategies for digital products and services, and secured more than $100,000 in brand partnerships as a content creator.

If you want a sustainable, anti-cringe Instagram strategy...I'm your woman.

Hey, I'm Mallory!

But you can call me Mal.

My free Instagram bio guide will get you attracting the right clients and give off that 'instant follow' vibe.

Start landing clients you actually love (and a lot of them!)

want a jumpstart?

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