What if selling didn't have to feel so dirty?

What if you don't have to turn into a used car salesman or a "hey girl" Instagram girl to sell?

Nothing feels more icky than when you know you're being sold to. You feel it through your body, and it triggers that flight response almost immediately.

It makes sense you don't want to be this person. And you don't have to.

There's a revolution coming.

There's no way people are getting customers from Instagram...

The Anti-Sales Sales Call Toolkit is your first step to joining the new-age version of sales that doesn't feel pushy, aggressive, or just generally gives you the "ick".

 This bundle will shock you when you realize how natural sales can feel.

You have a really great offer and you're not selling as much as you should

You find yourself ghosted or confused when people don't move forward

You hate a lot of the sales tips you've seen online

Do any of these sound familiar?

Let me know if you can relate...


Sales Call Toolkit


Skip the awkward convos + getting ghosted and instead...
  • Learn how to approach a sales call where you can feel comfortable and your client can feel ready to convert
  • Set yourself up for success with an intake form that prepares you in minutes 
  • Counter any objections with authentic responses that remove barriers for your clients 
  • Understand how to respond when inquiries come in the DMs

You get the exact sales script guide I use to close $15,000 clients. This gives you exactly what to say with room for you to make it comfortable on your own, and actually understand the science of it.

what's included

Sales Calls 101

Never get on a sales call unprepared again. These intake forms help you weed out serious customers and give you your secret weapons + the right context you need to bring your all.

Leave the awkwardness behind when your potential clients start voicing their hesitations. This guide tackles 7 of your most common objections to guide you to a confident, closed sale.

Not sure how to translate this to DMs? No problem! This DM Response Guide helps you through it + we've included 4 videos to guide you in cold DMs and questions like "what's your rate?"

To complete this bundle, you've got 4 bonus videos to walk you through the sales call process: what not to do, my go-to test, getting to the root of the concerns + closing the sale effectively.

"Mal spares no details, and her videos are AMAZING. If you're going back and forth, just do it."


student love

Instagram has been my not-so-secret weapon since 2015 when I launched my first business.

We built a globally-recognized powerlifting apparel brand on a student budget by leveraging Instagram organically.

Since then, I've built two other multi-six figure businesses using those same strategies for digital products and services, and secured more than $100,000 in brand partnerships as a content creator.

If you want a sustainable, anti-cringe Instagram strategy...I'm your woman.

Hey, I'm Mallory!

But you can call me Mal.

The good news is you just need to shift your strategy.

One of my students made a few small tweaks and had her highest sales month ever

I went from getting left on read to closing $15,000 clients consistently

One student HATED selling and now gets excited when they see a call booked because they know it'll be worthwhile and enjoyable

Selling shouldn't feel this hard.


“I don’t even have to take notes when I listen because I just feel like you say it in a way where I get it, it makes so much sense, and then I can go apply it.”

How many times have you signed up for something and it's a total bummer? You end up feeling like you got scammed, even if it wasn't crazy expensive.

Let's make it an easy yes.

Look, I know we don't know each other that well yet. And I get it if you've got your guard up. I also know you're trying to be smart with your money...I like that about you.

That's why I want to make this an easy yes for you.

I've brought this bundle down to just $67 for you, with more than $1,000 in value. 

That feeling sucks.

yes, Let's do this!

ready to make a move?


Get it for just



Your Anti-Sales Sales Call Toolkit includes:
  1. Your Perfectly Designed Sales Call: A sales script for coaches and one for service providers (2 total)
  2. Intake Forms to Qualify Your Clients: An intake form template for pre-call context; one for coaches + one for service providers
  3. Your Guide to Concern Handling: Pre-written responses and guides to answering 7 of the most common objections in the sales process
  4. DM Response Guide: a script guide for answering cold DMs AND 4 bonus videos to walk you through the mistakes you're making, how to reply to cold messages, the dreaded "what's your rate?" question, and how to pitch comfortably when it makes sense
  5. Bonus Videos to Close like a Pro: 4 bonus videos to walk you through the sales call process: what not to do, my go-to test, getting to the root of the concerns + closing the sale effectively.

A higher conversion rate would look good on you

You deserve to be closing more sales.

In fact, you owe it to your ideal clients who could benefit from you! 

Right now, your sales calls aren't landing and it sucks. People feel interested but then you don't hear from them, or their body language changes once it gets to the price discussion. 

I'm here to tell you you CAN do this. You can make sales even if it doesn't feel like a natural talent inside of you. You just need the kind of advice that works for you.

I spent years sifting through sales advice to get here - finding little nuggets after watching hours of videos, cringing through advice I read in books, and dissecting what lessons I could take away and pass onto you. Now it's your. time to take advantage. Think of it like peeking off my homework.


Student Wins

No wildly expensive group program that'll put you into debt.
No overpriced 60-minute workshop.

Start closing sales and stop getting ghosted after sales chats

want your own success story?

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