Stop spinning your wheels, start attracting the right customers

No, I'm not going to follow that with "suck it up, princess." Sure, I'm blunt but I come from a good place.

I've been where you're standing right now.

You've watched every YouTube video on Instagram stories, Facebook Ads, Mailchimp, and ClickFunnels, and now you feel further behind than when you started.

You have so little energy left for all of it, and knowing where to put it seems impossible. You're emotionally drained, quite literally exhausted, but yet you still feel like you've made no progress.

And honestly? All you want to do is focus on connecting with your customers.

You're not the first person to feel this way.

Marketing is a lot.

Let me tell you a little about my experience getting started...

I'm not going to tell you marketing was scary for me just so we can feel a bit more connected.

It wasn't. I was really good at marketing when I started my first business.

Something about it was just so intuitive for me; it's like it's always been running through my veins.

I saw marketing as my way to build our business without a budget, find customers who would adore us, and to start bringing in sales.

But with so many options came excitement, and with excitement came burnout.

I put so much energy into doing EVERYTHING that I barely had time for me. I didn't even notice when I got pneumonia because it just felt normal.


Business without Burnout


Business without Burnout is the answer to the question:


How do I grow my business?
I found I was getting a lot of requests for coaching or consulting from those that were pretty early in their business, but as someone who hustled hard on a strict budget for a long time, I know that coaching is often out of reach when it comes to allocating costs.

So Business without Burnout is like your three month, crash course in business where you can take yourself through the program but feel like you've got the guidance of a coach the whole way through - just without the coaching price tag!

“Working with Mallory has really helped me develop a confidence where I can say “Let’s do it” rather than second guess every business move I make.”


student love

I built this so you can build without the burnout

I'm dedicating myself towards helping others learn from both my mistakes and my major wins.

I don't want another entrepreneur to experience the burnout I did, to spend a year and a half nursing themselves back to a healthy baseline.

I want you to feel good about marketing.

I want you to get real cozy with your new marketing strategy, like you're still in the honeymoon phase and actually like each other.

I want you to cut out all the fluff that's not getting you anywhere, and I want you to zero in on what's going to help you grow your business.

Building my own business and working for myself was the best thing I ever did, and I want it for you too.

 I want it for you just as badly as you do, if not more.

 I want you to make your own schedule, spend your days how you please, and give yourself an opportunity to say, "Screw this. I make the rules." 

Here's exactly what you're going to learn:

The first week we're going to be focusing on taking time to slow down before we go full speed ahead. People usually want to hear the best IG tips asap, but if you’re here you know that’s not really what’s all about!

This week I want you to focus on tackling some pretty big questions about who you are, who you want to be, and what’s really important to you. These are the kind of questions I wish someone asked me when I was going full force ahead in my first business. I want you to actually truly think about them all, and take in what i’m really asking you.

This week’s lesson is going to be shorter than the rest, but the homework is fully loaded.

Ready to start implementing a strategy you can make your own?

week one - priorities / goal setting / habits

1. Setting priorities for your business

This week we’re deep diving into brand.

This is the meat of your business - it’s what really separates the winners from the not-so-successful. Having a strong brand isn’t just to make your content pretty online, it’s about creating a predictable relationship your customers can depend on.

In this module, we’re going to:
  1. Reflect on your brand story, 
  2. Narrow in on your customer personas, and 
  3. Develop a brand identity 
  4. that makes it crystal clear to you, your team, and your customers.

This is a hefty one, so be prepared to work! Make sure you watch the video lessons for each section of the document before diving into your workbook! 

You can't run with your strategy if you don't know your brand and your customers.

week TWO - brand story / customer persona / identity

2. Creating your brand fundamentals

Now that you’ve gotten clear on your brand, your customers, and your overall identity, it’s time to make sure your product actually makes sense. I’m going to ask you to let your guard down going into this - we can put a lot of emotions into the things we create, and unfortunately this can blind us if change is needed.

This week we’re going to focus on making sure you have an offering that has been validated and optimized, priced right, and actually aligns with your life plans to keep you moving in the right direction. This may confirm you’re on track, it will probably lead to some small crucial shifts, and it has even caused some entire product changes for some.

Don't worry - lots of spreadsheets included to speed this process up for you!

Does your offer actually make sense for your customer and you?


3. Nail your product alignment

“This was the push I needed to step out of my comfort zone. Turns out I can be good at this business thing!”


student love

We’ve got a clear brand, a deeper understanding of our ideal customer, and a product offering that makes sense for all parties.

So let’s get things rolling.

This week we’re talking about your buyer journey, your almighty sales funnel that will convert leads to customers, what the heck a lead magnet is and how you can best implement them in your business.

Let's create the map for your clients so you don't spin your wheels without any clear funnel in the background.


4. Create your customer roadmap

This juicy module is going to cover everything you need to know about social media. It's like a mini version of my Sell on Social program.

We're going to talk about:
  1. Your social profile: how to optimize and create an instant-follow page
  2. Content creation: you'll build out your exact social media strategy using my template + cheatsheets
  3. Metrics & CTAs: understand how to get people off social media and into your direct communities, as well as which metrics actually matter
  4. Bonus IG Tips & Tricks: learn some of my cheat codes so your social content outperforms anything you've done to date

If you generally roll your eyes at social media, this is a strategy you won't hate!

You made it to social media week! 


5. Build your foolproof social media strategy

This week is all about email. Email is a haven, especially if you have a limited budget to play with. With LVD, we generated more than $100,000 through email campaign alone on the regular. And that was just using a simple to use platform system like Mailchimp. 

Email has been proven to be effective for both converting new leads into customers and most importantly, customer retention.

Now that we’re onboard with WHY we want to use email, this week we’re going to explore your platform options and dig into how to create successful, automated email campaigns. 

You might hate it, but you're going to learn to love it.


6. Start implementing email campaigns

Chances are, you’re feeling a little overwhelmed. There’s a lot to learn when it comes to growing your business for long-term success, but you got this.

This week we’re going to focus on how we can protect our energy and avoid burnout so we can keep doing the things we have to do, implement our new strategies, and still enjoy the way we spend our days. We’ll be going into some different healthy habits as well as some of my best productivity hacks. This is a great week to reset, take a little break if you need it or catch up on the worksheets from the past weeks to date!

Always make sure you’re taking steps to take care of your body, your mind, and your soul. 

At this point in your journey, let's reset.

week seven - healthy habits / productivity

7. Deploy better business management 

“I was worried about the technology part and that the info would be over my head but it has really helped, I’ve learned so much about business and supporting technologies that I feel more comfortable in pursuing what I want to do.”


student love

This week is all about launching. We’re going to look at how to incorporate the channels you’ve learned so far and pull them together to create launches that convert.

Launching can include a lot more options than most business owners realize:
  • A new product or service rolled out
  • A collaborative project
  • Promotions, sales, or legacy collections

In this module we talk ALL about launching and using our platforms to our advantage: social media, email campaigns, and even our extended network. Launches can attract new business, encourage repeat visitors, and even reward loyalty.

Get ready to hit "send" on your first real launch!


8. Launch your first full campaign

This week we’re talking everything money, sales and promotions! Ultimately, there’s no rule book when it comes to your pricing. You can get advice from every which angle but a lot of it comes down to our own limiting beliefs around money.

This week we’re diving into the sales trifecta, the 4 main sales personalities, selling your why, and how to use promotions and discounts to grow your business.

What's the point of a business that's not selling?


9. Master your sales skills 

When the time comes to build your website, revisit this and make sure you’re keeping it all front of mind. If you currently have a website, take some time to review it and see if there are some quick tweaks you can do based on what you learn this week! 

Let me get this straight: you don’t have to build an entire website this week. 


10. Building a website that works

This week we’re talking about thought leadership. We want you to have products that sell in your industry, but we want to focus on making you a leader that stands out. The one they call on as the expert or the person to be(at).

You should be landing those expert opportunities - look at you!


11. Becoming an industry thought leader

In this final module, we'll review how to move forward with all of your pieces in place, which next steps make sense for you, and how to continue to evolve your business as needed!

You're all grown up now!

week 12 - recap / next steps 

12. Graduating your crash course

Now it's your turn.

This program is perfect for you if you are...

running a business that is 0 to 18 months old; under $200k in revenue

aspiring, pre-revenue, newly launched

looking to create a full-time income

looking for accountability, guidance and structure in your business

developing a marketing strategy and building a digital presence

service based entrepreneurs, freelancers, consultants

product-based businesses, e-commerce, local makers

physical retailers or brick and mortar

fitness coaches, nutritionists, yoga teachers & wellness professionals

photographers, digital creatives, online coaches


3 Payments of


yes, Let's do this!

ready to make a move?

split payments


1 Payment of


pay in full

Not a stiff blueprint you have to follow.
Not trending audios that won’t apply six months from now.

A real, tangible strategy you actually WANT to execute.


Missing that element of 1:1 coaching?

At checkout, you'll have the option to add a private consult call (or 3!) with your course purchase. It's up to you when in your journey you want to use it! 

This is where we can discuss how the strategies can be applied to your business more strategically, tackle topics that may not be answered in the course, and get a hands-on consultation for your business.

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Spoiler Alert

"I've shifted my mindset!

From lack to abundance, I shifted the self talk of "I have to learn more, I am not there yet, maybe later not now..." to " I have so much to offer, people are just waiting for me to launch workshops, and just feel good about moving forward now!

I have come a long way in terms of my confidence towards my ability to host offerings!"

Meet Solange.


"This process has really brought to light my weaknesses and skills that I thought I had because I used to have them in college when it’s not really true. I’ve had to work really hard to bring them up to the next level. So it’s been very humbling.

BUT it has also brought out a creative side of me that is very cool to see. I know I told you that I never had any interest in owning my own business.

Now I not only want to but I can see myself being successful at it. It’s really exciting. Seriously, thank you for everything!"

Meet Lindsey.

massage therapist, Illinois

"My biggest win in the last two months is that I am hitting "launch" on my business this morning!

I've worked on all the content, did a photoshoot, wrote a blog, attended some bookkeeping and accounting courses, and actually feel ready (well, as much as I can feel ready despite the nerves, what-ifs, and stupid negative voices in my head...yay self-doubt!) to put my baby out in to the world and see what happens!

I'm actually doing it - that is what is most notable."

Meet Amanda.

event planner, ottawa

“I felt like I had a buddy who had my back who knew what they were doing. I was hesitant, but I still dove in and I am SO happy about it!”


student love

This is not like other courses

I’ve built this course to be the ONLY course you need when it comes to your digital brand.

Unlike other Instagram courses that are focused around which hashtags or filters to use, you’re going to walk away with a crash course in marketing so you don’t have to re-learn, or more importantly, re-invest in a new course every time there’s a platform change or new app.

We’re not trying to play the game here. We’re covering some fun tips & tricks for sure, but we’re building a marketing strategy that actually lasts.

It’s not about me going viral on Instagram because that’s too hard for you to recreate - it’s about combining my natural marketing instincts with years of experience consulting for major companies and building my own success online (three times in a row) so your brain can think like me and adapt as needed. 

What you’ll learn here will transfer to every other part of your business: your in-person sales abilities, your website messaging and conversions, and your overall marketing strategy.

We’re solving the problems you want to solve: more leads, more space to do what you want with your life and business. Social media is just the vehicle.


“I always think of the business world as cut throat and all about the money, which just doesn’t vibe with me. You bring fun and heart to the business world.”


student love


Business without Burnout


Business without Burnout includes 12 weeks of building your business:


Setting priorities for your business

Over $6,000 in value for just $497.

Creating your brand fundamentals
Nail your product alignment
Create your customer roadmap
Build your foolproof social media strategy
Start implementing email campaigns
Deploy better business management 
Launch your first full campaign
Master your sales skills 
Building a website that works
Becoming an industry thought leader
Graduating your crash course


3 Payments of


split payments


1 Payment of


pay in full

Nervous? Don't be.

Sign up and decide it wasn't what you were looking for? 
No worries, there's no risk here.
I'm so confident this program works, I have put my money where my mouth is. You just shoot me an email within the first 7 days after your first payment, tell me why it's not working for you, and I'll refund you entirely.

Psssst...Need more proof to feel good about your decision? Check out more of my students results here.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Join these incredible students:

"I don't have time to commit to this course right now. I'll fall behind."

"I can't justify the cost right now, but I really want to do it otherwise."

"I don't know if this will work for me."

"I'm worried it's another BS, fluffy course not worth the price tag."


You never lose access! The sooner you join, the closer you are to changing your business!

How many clients do you need to cover the cost of this course? You will get double that in no time.

Click here to see the industries that will thrive in it or send me a DM for personal feedback on if it's fit!

Trust I would never waste my own energy on that but hey, there's a 100% money-back guarantee if you're feeling extra skeptical. 

Instagram has been my not-so-secret weapon since 2015 when I launched my first business.

We built a globally-recognized powerlifting apparel brand on a student budget by leveraging Instagram organically.

Since then, I've built two other multi-six figure businesses using those same strategies for digital products and services, and secured more than $100,000 in brand partnerships as a content creator.

If you want a sustainable, anti-cringe Instagram strategy...I'm your woman.

Hey, I'm Mallory!

But you can call me Mal.

We're born skeptics (and for good reasons!) and we've got some concerns out the gate. Let me get a few things clear for you...

I bet you're a lot like me...

There’s a rule in this house and it’s that we try new things out of our comfort zone, but we trust in our own self-awareness and we never force things that don’t feel aligned.

There’s a difference between “new & scary” and “against what I believe in”. 

You’re not going to find out you have to wear cute outfits and dance, nor are you going to be told you have to pour your heart out to strangers on the internet if that’s not what feels good for you.

The answer here is not going to be a strict blueprint that “worked for me”, but instead going to be a set of tools to help you figure out what version makes sense for you. 

We are not going to get cringe-y here.

"You're going to tell me to do things I would NEVER do."

What are you waiting for?


Business without Burnout


Business without Burnout includes 12 weeks of building your business:


Setting priorities for your business

Over $6,000 in value for just $497.

Creating your brand fundamentals
Nail your product alignment
Create your customer roadmap
Build your foolproof social media strategy
Start implementing email campaigns
Deploy better business management 
Launch your first full campaign
Master your sales skills 
Building a website that works
Becoming an industry thought leader
Graduating your crash course


3 Payments of


split payments


1 Payment of


pay in full

Make this the year you go for it.

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